Even higher Downhill performance from MICHELIN! The comprehensively revised MICHELIN DH Racing Line range – a real 'plus' for Downhill cyclists
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Even higher Downhill performance from MICHELIN! The comprehensively revised MICHELIN DH Racing Line range – a real 'plus' for Downhill cyclists

9 april 2024
  • New, more resilient architecture and efficient tread patterns
  • New Magi-X rubber compound for additional grip
  • Easy to carry thanks to new flexible bead
  • New, stylish look and a wider choice of sizes

Building on its success and experience alongside its partner teams in the UCI Downhill World Cup, Michelin has taken a fresh look at its range of specific tyres for proponents of the sport. To address the demands of this highly-technical discipline where tyres play such an important role, the 2.0-generation MICHELIN DH Racing Line line-up provides riders with superior, more finely-targeted performance thanks to a choice of three products: the MICHELIN DH16, the MICHELIN DH22 and the MICHELIN DH MUD.

Brand-new architecture for extra resilience
Downhill cycling makes exceptionally big demands of tyres which must be capable of combining impeccable feedback to riders and the ability to soak up the considerable constraints associated with landings after jumps or hard cornering, not to mention resistance against perforation and punctures.

Michelin has revised the architecture of its MICHELIN DH Racing Line tyres which now feature a 55/120TPI dual-ply casing for minimal flexing when landing and, as a consequence, more efficient re-acceleration. By restricting carcass deformation, its construction also improves cornering stability. For greater resistance to puncturing, a double woven nylon ply envelops the entire tyre, in addition to the protection that extends from one edge of the tyre to the other. One might be forgiven for thinking that these changes have made the tyres heavier. Yet, on the contrary, they are 11 percent lighter than their respective predecessors, resulting in more efficient re-acceleration performance for the same effort.

Magi-X technology for superior grip
Tyre grip is one of the key contributors to safety and performance in Downhill events, with superior grip equating to heightened confidence and, as a result, faster cornering speeds. This is why MICHELIN's engineers selected Magi-X compounds for all of the tyres that make up the new MICHELIN DH Racing Line range.
Combined with a specific tread pattern for each version, this technology provides maximum grip from very low temperatures, whatever the type of terrain or conditions. It also delivers an overall efficiency-gain of 19 percent compared with the previous generation.


The DH16, DH22 and DH MUD:
three specific products for
even higher performance

To meet the demands of riders even more closely without compromising on performance, MICHELIN's designers have revised the tread pattern of each version. The new MICHELIN DH Racing Line range consequently provides riders with a more finely-targeted choice of higher-performing options to match the type of ground and conditions.

  • The MICHELIN DH16's tread is conceived for hard/mixed ground. The specific design of its lateral blocks ensures additional grip, and therefore confidence, under cornering. Its bespoke pattern is the most compact of the range, with more rubber in contact with the track meaning superior grip, a more even distribution of loads and longer life. The MICHELIN DH 16 is the fastest tyre in the DH Racing Line range.
  • In comparison with its predecessor, the MICHELIN DH22 has evolved extensively to provide indisputable performance on mixed/soft ground. Its tread blocks have been lowered and, by minimising flexing of the tread, riders benefit from improved efficiency when re-accelerating, plus greater stability on harder ground. Lastly, the gradually-rounded form of the MICHELIN DH22's shoulder blocks reduces rolling resistance and increases lateral grip for greater cornering comfort.
  • As its name implies, the MICHELIN DH MUD is specifically recommended for mud and soft ground. Thanks to the Cuttable Blocks technology used for its tread blocks, the DH MUD covers a broad spectrum of conditions. On soft, loose ground, or in the case of a thin layer of mud, the blocks can be re-cut to optimise their grip and performance. For deeper mud, however, its tread is ideally suited as it is. Irrespective of the conditions, the MICHELIN DH MUD provides riders with first-rate confidence and performance.

Thanks to these technological changes, the lighter, faster tyres that make up the new MICHELIN DH Racing Line range combine an even more balanced performance package with superior strength and grip compared with the previous generation. They also feature a flexible bead that enables them to be folded to facilitate transport and storage. Last but not least, a new, stylish, carbon-effect 'dark sidewall' option is available in addition to the traditional design featuring the colour Michelin logo.

The new MICHELIN DH Racing Line range is available for 27½- and 29-inch 2.4 wheels.



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